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Bassam R. Baroudi, MD, FACC, FSCAI

Health Updates

Mississippi State Department of Health has reported the first two travel -related, mosquito-born or sexually transmitted, Zika cases in MS in 2017.

Source: MS Dept of Health. Click here to learn more

"It's never too late, and even moderate weight loss can make a big difference when it comes to cancer risk"

Source: Medline Plus. Click here to learn more

"E-cigarettes are one of the tools we have in nicotine replacement therapy but.... Other smoking cessation schemes, such as chewing gum or patches, always include the decision to taper off use and eventually stop. This is not in general the case with e-cigarettes, which tend to be seen as a replacement and not a weaning off nicotine addiction. In fact they prolong the addiction." —Professor Perk

Source: European Society of cardiology. Click here for more on that study