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Experience. Care. Trust.

CHI has been providing cardiology healthcare for over 20 years. We have served over 46,000* patients since 1998.
We helped educate our community, fight heart disease, and helped our patients have a better quality of life.
We now see far less tragic events –massive heart attacks and strokes– then we did when we started.
We did it because we believed in you, and you believed in us.

CHI, Office Manager
Trusted by 46k+ patients
over 20 years

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Clinic Hours

Monday—Thursday: 8:00—5:30
Friday: 8:00—2:00

Phone: (228) 863-5211
Toll-free: (844) Heart 16
Text: (228) 314-4500 (not for PHI*.)
Fax: (228) 863-4101

4215 15th Street Gulfport, MS 39501
Catty-corner to Sartin's pharmacy, two blocks east of Memorial Hospital, a block west of Gulfport Central Middel School

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A vanguard cardiovascular (heart and vessels) clinic on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Memorial Coast Heart Institute


The ultimate experience in healthcare practice

01. Full range of cardiovascular care

We provide healthcare for patients, age 16 and older, with any heart or vascular disease. We focus on early detection and intervention to manage medical conditions, and deliver the best treatment for complicated conditions like strokes and heart attacks.
A breakdown of the services provided is presented below

02. Expert Healthcare providers

Our practice is built on 20+ years of expertise in delivering the highest standards of cardiovascular healthcare. Physicians and nurse practitioners are experts in their field, and are driven by their love for their profession, motivated by the their ability to improve the lives of their patients, and their compassion for individuals' suffering form illness and uncertainty about their health outcome.
Meet our team and read our patients say

03. Best care at highest standards

Patient-centered, individualized healthcare is our culture at CHI. We go to any length need to take the best care of our patients, make sure they feel like family and are treated like family. Whenever needed, we refer to the most qualified practitioners within MHG system who have instant access to their medical records, and to the best regional and national centers for services that are not available locally, and we follow up on the referrals.

04. No wait time

Specialty practices are notorious for long wait times. At CHI we have worked hard to reduce the wait time to one week in most instances. If the referring physician, PA, or NP ask for ASAP visit, we can make arrangements to see the referred patients as soon as their information and medical records are available to us. Call our receptionists on (228) 284-0006; they are extremely professional, caring and helpful. In the unfortunate case of an emergency, individuals can request to be seen by our cardiologists at the hospital.

05. Communication

Great communication is key to providing great healthcare, and gain our patients' trust and satisfaction. It starts by calling our proficient receptionist who can help directly, or route the call to the right person. During your appointment, your information will be reviewed and doubled checked for accuracy, and you will have ample time to have all your relevant medical questions answered. Forgot to ask a question? you can always call us after your visit with follow up questions. Moreover, we designed our website to make it easy to find answers and contact us. We even have a live chat service to help navigate the different areas of our website and find the resources you are looking for. We advise, however, that you do not include protected health or financial information in any online communication.

06. Careers in healthcare

CHI is not just a great place to work, it is in fact an ideal venue to boots one's knowledge and experience learning from the expertise of our staff. When we are hiring, we look for the best, but we also recognize that there are brilliant individuals who need an opportunity to ;learn and grow their careers. We have developed or in-house, hands-on training procedure to our new employees are ready to hit the ground running on day one. When life's journey takes an employee of CHI elsewhere, we are confident that they are well prepared fro their next endeavor.
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Dr. Baroudi introduces Coast Heart Institute

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Dr. Baroudi explains arterial plaque and heart attack prevention

We have served generations, and will serve generations to come