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Our mission

Dr. Baroudi — Bassam R. Baroudi, MD., FACC, FSCAI — has made it his mission, in the 1990s, to serve our community and care for the hearts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, guided by the best cardiology practice guidelines and highest ethical values. We still carry the same mission and hold the same ethical values, serving generations of our community.

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Caring for your heart

We provide the highest standard of cardiovascular (heart and blood-vessels

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Your healthcare providers

Our practice is led by two board-certified interventional cardiologists and four experienced, licensed nurse practitioners, guided by the latest advances in medical science, technology, research, ACC guidelines, and over 55 years of combined healthcare experience.

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Cardiovascular Healthcare Services

Read a brief description of each service below, or click on the corresponding image for more details

Office Visits

For new patients (no referral requested), new signs and symptoms, or scheduled follow ups

Electrocardiograms EKG

The intrinsic electrical current within the heart is recorded on the first office visit, and as needed on follow ups

Medication reconciliation

Medication review is typically done twice on every office visit


Ultrasound imaging of the heart to evaluate its structure and function

Stress Test

Increasing the workload of the heart to expose identify blockages of heart arteries that are asymptomatic at rest. Often followed by Perfusion Scan, and heart catheterization if test is positive

Perfusion Scan

Helps identify viable areas of the heart muscle ans guide the treatment plan


Tests performed at MHG include:

Heart and Vascular Cath


Pacemaker and Defibrillator implants

These devices are placed internally and connected to the heart to regulate heart rhythm, and deliver life-saving shocks when needed

Your Health care Providers

Our cardiologists and nurse practitioners deliver the highest standards of health care in a warm, compassionate environment, creating long-term relationships with their patients.

Dr. Baroudi


Founder, Interventional Cardilogist

Caring for the heart of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is our mission, and our passion. Our patients are never just numbers. They are individuals from our community that we care about and do our best to help achieve good health and enjoy life free of heart-related medical problems

Shwan Jalal, MD., FACC

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Jalal is board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, interventional cardiology, echocardiography and nuclear medicine.
He completed his cardiovascular and interventional fellowship in St. John Hospital & Medical Center in Detroit, MI. He has presented in numerous national meetings and had multiple research studies and publications.

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Robin Allen, NP

Robin Allen, NP

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Robin has over 15 years of experience in caring for patients with heart disease. She has a special interest in managing Congestive Heart Failure.

Jamie Wendling, NP

Jamie Wendling, NP

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Jamie has extensive experience in cardiology working directly with Dr. Baroudi at Memorial hospital and our clinic.

Tiffany Brosh, NP

Tiffany Brosh, NP

Cardiology Nurse Practioner

Tiffany has built up a great experience as nurse practitioner working with Dr. Baroudi both at the hospital and the clinic to add to her experience managing critical conditions as an Intensive Care Unit nurse in her previous appointment.

Jenny McKee, NP

Jenny McKee, NP

Nurse Practitioner

Jenny is expected to assume her NP role in May 2018

Patient Testimonials

Coast Heart Institute has served well over 30,000 patients since 1998 –We can't keep track since we switched over to Memorials system– many of whom continue to receive their cardiac healthcare at our clinic. We are proud of the excellence of our healthcare providers and loyalty of our patients. Here are some of their testimonials from our patient surveys and online sources. We only use patients' initials to protect our patients privacy and confidentiality—even when they have posted their reviews online.

Our News

News about our practice, latest research results and public health news, innovations,
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