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Who we are

Coast Heart Institute (CHI) is vanguard cardiology clinic on the Mississippi gulf coast. Our mission is to provide the highest standards of health care to our patients by carefully evaluating each patient's condition through attentive listening, thorough examination, delivery of evidence-based, cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic options, in a compassionate, patient-centered environment.

In 2015, CHI became a Memorial clinic. This has enabled us to hand over regulatory and financial matters to Memorial Hospital and focus even more on patient care and quality of service



General check up

Self-referral with symptoms (palpitation, dizziness, swelling) or due to risk factors (family history, smoking ..etc.)

Consultation & follow up

Following hospital admission, medical referrals, & second opinion


Electrocardiograms help diagnose abnormal & irregular heart beats and poor circulation to the heart muscle

Echo (-cardiography)

Functional and morphological imaging of the heart using ultrasound waves

Stress Test

Controlled stressing of the heart to simulate conditions that may lead to heart attack.

Perfusion Scan

nuclear imaging of the heart before and after stress test to evaluate heart muscle perfusion


Emergency and Rounds

Evaluation in the emergency room or at bedside after admission and procedures

Cardiac Tests

Several test, i.e. TEE, Tilte Table, Holter monitor..etc., to evaluate heart conditions as needed.

Cath & Device Implant

Surgical procedures to diagnose and treat blockages in the heart and peripheral blood vessels, and to implant heart regulating devices.

New patients will be able to schedule a new appointment with few days of calling our office. Please let our receptionists know if you are having symptoms. They will not offer a medical advice but will try and schedule your appointment as early as possible.

EKGs (electrocardiography), echocardiography with the ability to perform 3D ultrasound imaging of the heart, vascular ultrasound studies, stress tests with perfusion scans (using nuclear gamma camera) and pacemaker and defibrillator checking are performed in our clinic. Other diagnostic tests, including Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), Tilt table test, Holter monitoring (extended EKG tracing for 24 - 48 hours), are done at Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.

Exercise, diet and weight reduction, and medications are the common approaches to managing the most prevalent heart conditions. However, further interventions, such as heart catheterization with coronary arteries stenting or device implantation (pacemaker, defibrillator and loop recorder) may be necessary in select cases.

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Our Health Care Providers

Meet our Team



Dr. Baroudi is an experienced board-certified interventional cardiologist. He established Coast Heart Institute in 1997.


Dr. Baroudi is highly motivated, passionate about his job, and compassionate about his patients.

He feels privileged to be able to save so many lives and make a difference in his patients lives, their families and loved ones, and the community


Shwan Jalal, MD


Dr. Jalal will join our practice on July 1, 2017.


Board-certified and trained in interventional cardiology and echocardiography

More information will be added soon

Robin Allen, NP

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Robin has over 14 years of experience as a cardiology nurse practitioner
Robin is dedicated and meticulous and has great rapport with her patients


Robin has special interest in congestive heart failure and was behind creating the heart failure service at our clinic to help reduce patient admission to the hospital.


Jamie Wendling, NP

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

More information on Jamie will be available soon.


This card will be updated soon


Tiffany Brosh, NP

Cardiology Nurse Practitioner

Information will be added soon


card will be updated soon


What our patients say

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3 Main reasons to choose us

Our practice of cardiology is one based on scientific research, evidence-based medicine, and current medical guidelines, yet delivering personalized medical care with understanding of individual experiences and condition variations.

Dr. Baroudi shares his 30+ years of experience in cardiology with other providers to ensure that his high standard of quality of care are delivered to every patient, every visit.
Genuine care and compassion set as apart. our patients are never numbers of cases. They are all treated with utmost care and compassion by all of our providers and staff.

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Address: 4215 15th Street, Gulfport, MS 39501

Tel:(228) 863-5211

Fax:(228) 863-4101

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