We are the Heart Institute on the Gulf Coast

Our heart doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners treat cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) disease.

Appointments are easy and can be scheduled the same or following week. We will need your previous health records, if any; so please call ASAP so we will have time to collect all the information we need.

Our Cardiology Practice

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Doctors visits

In-depth evaluation of heart health at our clinic by our team of experienced healthcare providers

Diagnostic Tests

We perform a series of tests, as needed, to fully evaluate our patients symptoms and heart condition. Learn more about each test on our main website

Life saving procedures

Whether it is an emergency cath with stent placement to open clogged arteries or pacemaker placement to regulate the heart beats, or planned procedures following extensive testing and evaluation, many lives have been saved by our doctors response, dedication and hard work.

Complete cycle of care

We work closely with other primary care and specialist healthcare providers to make sure that our patients are taken care of to the highest level possible.

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Nurse Practitioners and PA
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Patients served

Our Heart Doctors

A brief introduction of our board-certified cardiologists

Bassam R. Baroudi, MD, FACC, FSCAI

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Baroudi is a very experienced cardiologist who established this cardiology practice in 1998. He is very thorough in his face-to-face, hands-on evaluation, and when needed, performs cath procedures to open blocked heart arteries, places stents in them, and implants pacemakers and defibrillators (devices under skin wired directly to the inside of the heart)

He is compassionate and caring, and personalizes his approach to each individual patient’s condition.

He enjoys fishing, hunting, and traveling.


Shwan Jalal, MD, FACC

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Jalal completed his interventional cardiology fellowship in 2017, and joined our practice in July of the same year. His knowledge, skills and compassion quickly lead to rise of his name as one of the best cardiologists on the coast. 

James Hardwick, MD, FACC

Invasive Cardiologist

Dr. Hardwick joined our group in February of 2019, bringing a wealth of cardiology experience.

Our Team of Healthcare Providers

Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants

Click here to go to our healthcare team page and see all of our healthcare practitioners.

Do you have symptoms, and want to schedule an appointment?

Don’t brush it off! If you do have complaints that you or your primary care doctor think it could be heart-related—but not an emergency, contact us now to schedule your appointment. You can call (228) 863-5211 to speak with us 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, or leave a message with the answering service after hours and we will call you back as soon as possible.

You can also request an appointment online by clicking on the Online Appointments button

Cardiology Practice

We started on high principle and ethical standards, and maintained throughout the history of our practice. 

Our goal is to provide the best heart health awareness and care possible to our community on the gulf coast

Why Choose Our Clinic

There many excellent reasons to do so, we will just mention 3 of them

Experienced Doctors and Nurse Practitioners

We don't need to "combine" our staff experiences. Most have many years of expeience in cardiology. Dr. Baroudi established his own practice in 1998, Dr. Hardwick has 16 years and Mrs. Allen has 17 years of experience.

Excellent Reputation since 1998

If one thing has been consistent since we started in 1998, it is our great reputation. This is because our practice has always been based on the highest ethical, scientific, practice standards.

You come first!

Our patients come first. Our staff does its best to take care of our patients above and beyond our contractual and ethical obligation. This is our culture at Coast Heart Institute.

What Our Patients Say

We listen, and hear great things our patients say about us. We can’t show faces or mention names but chose three comments from our surveys, Google or social media  to display here. Read more on Google, Facebook. Be aware, however, of review websites that charge money to display fake reviews; we do not associate with them and we turn them down when they approach us.  

"... I'd recommend anyone that is looking for a cardiologist to go to this place. Dr. Baroudi is the best! The way he treats his patients like they are family and actually cares what's going on with them just shows you the type of man he truly is and NP Robin goes up and beyond to take care of her patients. Robin is truly a gift from God..."
C. S.
On Facebook
"Love the staff they are very professional, caring and they have always been great at getting me an appointment as soon as possible. And I love my doctor.. he's the best. Very easy to talk with and he always has a smile. Dr. Baroudi is just the greatest!!! I'm proud to be a patient of his!"
B. F.
On Facebook
"Y'all are all amazing doctors and nurses thank u for taking care of me so happy to have a heart doctor now in Gulfport..."
N. C.
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